dimecres, 24 de novembre de 2010


Today you have a new challenge. You will check your knowledge about positive and negative exponents and you'll see how mathematics are related to science. This is a WebQuest about Scientific Notation

Answer by Hector Adrover

dimecres, 17 de novembre de 2010

Powers with negative exponent

We know the meaning of a power when the exponent is a counting number, now we are going to study what the meaning is if the exponent is a negative number.The base can be any rational number. Go to this page

dimecres, 3 de novembre de 2010

Revising operations with fractions

Using Descartes

Fractions and percentages

Apply your knowledge about fractions and percentages in order to solve this problem. Organize the data and let's go!

Real numbers

I'm sure that you remember the number theory that you studied last year, now we are going to revise the most important. Try to do this test and, if you make some mistakes, go to the explanation.